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Poetry with Dogs recitation of Iglesia de San Francisco Saturday Afternoon

“Inspiration” and “Repent,” Fall 2018

“Wye Mountain” and “Creed,” April 2015 in Bookends Journal

“Meditation,” Slant, Spring 2015: Print Only

“On Being Married to an Eating Disorder” and “Hard Wired,” Strong Verse

“Pale,” Poetry Pacific, anticipated May 2015

“Adho Mukha Śvānāsana,” Vine Leaves Literary Journal, April 2015

“Dog Park,” Uppagus, anticipated April 2015

“Room to Room,” Every Day Poetry, September 2014

“Whenever I Was Young,” “Epistolary Cyclist,” “Roots,” “Burning Poetry” and “Winter,” in Five Poetry Magazine, fall 2014

“Marina,” Agave (online journal), August 2013

“Ghosts,” Ariel, 2008: Print only.

“In the Delta,” Slant, Summer 2007: Print only.

“The Comfort,” North Coast Review, May 1994: Print only.

“My Sister is Blue,” North Coast Review, August 1993: Print only.

“Untitled,” “Night Window” and “From Flight,” Shelterbelt, 1993: Print only.

“Gravity,” “The Back of the Moon,” “Spider,” Shelterbelt, 1992: Print only.

Short Fiction

“First Day,” The Radiance of the Short Story: Fiction from around the Globe, July 2018: Print only.

“Day 187,” Influence and Confluence: East and West, A Global Anthology on the Short Story, July 2016: Print only.

“Indian Jokes,” Fear the Monkey, April 2015

“Credit Approved,” Slink Chunk Press, anticipated 2015

Ugly,” Unbraiding the Short Story, July 2014: Print only.

“Stay Put, Herr Kafka,” Bewildering Stories, October 27, 2014

Food Writing

Rock City Eats

Eat It Conway

Fitness Columns

Sporting Life Arkansas